Andreas Constantinou

Andreas Constantinou is a choreographer, singer/songwriter and visual artist. He has performed and presented his performance art and music works in theatres, galleries, bars and festivals through out Europe and Asia since 2004.

Andreas C initially trained as a performance artist and graduated from Europe’s leading contemporary dance conservatoire Laban in 2003. Since graduating Andreas has worked and collaborated with some of Europes leading artists such as Kitt Johnsons' X-ACT, PunchDrunkTheatricalExperiences, Athina Vahla, CandoCo Dance Company and Uniform. Andreas Constantinou has presented his works in venues such as The South Bank, Bonnie Bird Theatre, Robin Howard Dance Theater, Archauz and the Donau festival, Austria.

In early 2003 Andreas Constantinou initiated the company titled himherandit.productions, a company aimed at combining different art forms to create diverse and innovative productions. HIMHERANDIT Productions have to date presented a wide range of dance-theatre and site specific performance installation works through out Europe and Asia. In 2004 the Arts Council England and Visiting arts awarded Andreas Constantinou to be the dance artist in residence at Taipei artists village, Taiwan.

Andreas Constantinou is an established dance teacher and lecturer and has taught at academies, universities and schools throughout the world. He was the Head of Contemporary Dance Division at Klassiski Listdansskolinn, Reykjavik, Iceland from 2006 – 2009 and has taught at Laban, The Place and Icelands Academy of the arts. Andreas has been the head of the Contemporay Dance department of Performers House from 2010 to 2014.

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