Early on the last day of the festival we asked a few of our guests from abroad about why they were at Bora Bora Platform.

Atanas D. Maev
Co-founder and arts manager at Derida Dance Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Why are you at Bora Bora Platform?
In my role of art manager of Derida Dance Center in Sofia. I am responsible for the programming of the events and at the same time also design strategies for establishing the contemporary performing arts. Bora Bora and I work within the biggest European platform for emerging artists called Aerowaves. Evidently there are a lot of possibilities of matching ressources to create more conditions for developing contemporary dance and its importance for both the audiences and for the artists. I am very glad to be a guest at the first Bora Bora Platform festival.

What are your impressions of the festival and the performances you have seen?
The performances in the program are so rich and colorful and the spirit is very friendly. This is because of the previous history between all presented artists and Bora Bora in Aarhus. I see high quality performances ready for the stages of the biggest Festivals in Europe. Also all the workshops and conferences during the platform makes it possible to discuss and exchange practices between different operators in the field of the contemporary dance. Going back in Bulgaria Bora Bora will have itself a new ambassador and I will be happy to stay connected to the trends and the works of the Platform.




Kristóf Farkas
Dance critic from Budapest, Hungary

Why are you at Bora Bora Platform?
There are two reasons. I have a scholarship to explore the culture in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries and see how these countries can work together. And I am a dance critic and I am also involved in the L1Dance Festival in Hungary. We plan to invite one of the performances to come to the festival.

What are your impressions of the festival and the performances you have seen?
You are able to move in a more dangerous way. In Hungary we have very little funding, so we sometimes have to make the audience a bit more comfortable. We present new performances and also keep it digestable. But we sometimes are also more adventurous. Here at Bora Bora Platform you can really dare something new. It feels very open minded. I also sense the good connections between the Nordic countries. Through networks like Kedja. It’s very friendly. Fantastic. It’s a good idea to follow.
I think “Of Family And Deer” ended up being my favourite. It was so simple. I also liked the the various ways the festival encouraged an open discussion about the performances. Like the “Wine & Chat” in the bar.


By Lars Kjær Dideriksen