Inspireret af Dante Alighieris rejse gennem helvede i Den Guddommelige Komedie, har den slovakiske danser og koreograf Tomáš Danielis skabt en dramatisk solo, der pulserer i et univers af dans, videoprojektioner og barokmusik.

"And I... I made my own house be my gallows" - Dante Alighieri

Om sin solo, siger Tomáš Danielis:

"My solo On the Red Lawn is inspired by the Inferno from The Divine Comedy. Reading how Dante was walking through the hells, I became interested in the choices of the people he met there, their motivations and (dis)satisfaction(s). It specifically made me question my own life, my choices, my dance, my way of seeing life and its motivations - such as love or perception of home deep within me. Is it possible to know where one is heading, would it be possible to make different choices than one has done in the past or at least perceive it differently?

On the Red Lawn reviews these questions and in doing so combines visual art with dance. This solo is creating connections between the new and what was always there; between the external appearance of a body and the story that the body contains within it;  between emotional and physical intimacy and between classical narrative and open structure."

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On the Red Lawn er co-produceret af Bora Bora og Granhøj Dans.

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