"Spil Død" ("Play Dead") is about children and anxiety. Our brains have not developed a lot since the Stone Age, so if you get scared, your brain is still hardwired with three old defense mechanisms: You can either attack, escape or PLAY DEAD.

If fear in our time is not going to be life-threatening, we need a whole new set of options ... Therefore, Hvid Støj (White Noise) sets up new rules, pieces and is ready to play. In "Play Dead, Vol. 7-12" there are other strategies to play with ... Life is a game we can learn to dare - and you are invited to play along.

With "Spil Død" Hvid Støj creates a strong visual and physical performance about children and anxiety. With newly written Danish drama and newly composed music, dance is combined with words, words with music, and in that meeting an artistic hybrid emerges that speaks directly to children's senses, feelings and thoughts.

Hvid Støj and Center for Psychological Treatment for Children and Young People (CEBU) have been in dialogue during the production. The common aim has been to create more tolerance for the many children who are themselves have experienced anxiety or has a friend who has.

Age group: 7 - 12 years
The performance will be in Danish and is therefore not suited for non-Danish speaking audiences.

There is room for 64 audience members.

The performance plays and has ticket sales for the days Thursday 28 March at. 17:00 and Saturday 30 March at 15.00.
In addition, there are six school showings closed to the public that is not for sale. If interested please contact Hvid Støj at [email protected] or phone (+45) 61 71 90 17.

Hence just for information:
Tuesday, March 26th, at. 10:00
Tuesday, March 26th, at. 12:00
Wednesday, March 27th, at. 10:00
Thursday, March 28th, at. 10:00
Friday, March 29, at. 10:00
Friday, March 29, at. 12:00