IMPORTANT! The performance is presented at Filuren in Musikhuset Aarhus. Not at Bora Bora.

With dance steps, let’s follow a panda. His “house” is in a forest as large as all of China. In this imaginary journey we will travel into China’s stories, tradition, and culture. We will encounter bamboo forests, monsters, fireworks, kites.

In a simple and intuitive way we will come to understand how, in Chinese thought, the elements of nature exist in in relationship to each other according to a circular movement. It is the theory of the ‘Five Elements’ (Wu Xing), whereby each element is transformed and generates the next one: wood – fire - earth – metal – water.

Therefore, the ‘Five Elements’ are a trace followed by the two dancers in order to involve the children in a journey in time and space, across China and its landscapes made of nature, ancient culture, traditions, songs. On stage, the images and sounds envelop the young spectators in colourful and interactive settings, in pleasant games played in a group with the dancers, making this travel experience unique and immersive.

OBS! Daginstitutioner kan bestille billet til denne forestilling ved at kontakte Ida hos Filuren på telefon 28 68 26 98.