(Outside area behind Godsbanen)

Inspired by ancestral Japanese origami techniques, Origami turns a 40 foot container into a shifting performance space. Satchie Noro slowly evolves on the mechanical structure as it folds up from one shape to another, from triangle to square and rectangle. Origami is a duet between a machine and a dancer, an industrial romance in which a symbol of globalisation, a container, embraces the fragile scale of the human body.

Satchie Noro and Silvain Ohl connect dance, moving architecture and landscape through a stunningly visual and deeply poetic experience.


Satchie Noro
Satchie Noro is a dancer, choregrapher, aerial circus artist. French-born Satchie made her first steps in the dojo of her Japanese father, Masamichi Noro, master of Aikido and studied classical dance with Wilfride Piollet.

After a short stay in Berlin a the Deustche Opera, she embraced the prolific Berlin alternative scene as a choreographer and performer from 1991 to 1995. Back in France, she performed with Andy Degroat, Shiro Daimon, Mié Coquempot.

In 2002, she discovered the aerial circus techniques at the Circus School Les Noctambules with Michel Nowak. Simultaneously founded the company Furinkaï with constructor Silvain Ohl and created Origami which toured in Europe and Chile.

She has also collaborated as dancer and circus artist with Adrien Mondot and Claire B, Carlotta Sagna, James Thierré, Michel Shweizer, Mohamed Al Khatib and Pierre Meunier.

Since September 2015, she is co-directing the Circus School Les Noctambules in Nanterre with Olivier Verzelen.

Silvain Ohl
Since 1984 Silvain has worked as constructor, designer and actor for Ilotopie, Générik Vapeur,Théâtre de l’Eléphant Vert, Transe express, Cahin-Caha, Jo Bithume, Luxor et Compagnie, La Machine, Satchie Noro, Groupe F, Cirque Ici, Compagnie Moglice von Verk, Compagnie Rue des Baigneurs.