A visual journey through the body.

In our body-focused society, old age is not exactly a hot and sexy subject. Because we know that old age points towards the end of the party. There is an equality between youth and sex, and old age and disease. The performance "Kroppen" (The Body) will try to deal with the commercial view of the body and restore the body's naturalness.

Bådteatret's puppets takes on the modern body; the delicious body, the lazy, the dysfunctional, the sick body, the sexual and the old body.

For instructor Rolf Heim, puppets can do something physically that our own bodies cannot. The arms can be extended, the head can rotate 360 ​​degrees, the body can collapse and float, a puppet can get eating by cancer before our very eyes, puppets can ejaculate or be born again - in fact, only imagination sets the limits for the ability of the puppet.

Together with a choreographer and dancers, Rolf Heim will investigate how disease, sensuality and sexuality are experienced in and through a body and through a puppet. Where is the boundary between the puppeteer / the dancer and the puppet - where is the boundary between skin and papmache? Is it easier to show intimate and taboo-breaking with the puppet's help? When is a body sensible and alive, when is it just a shell?

Can a puppet make the audience into horny voyeurs and can a real body show disgust? All these areas Rolf Heim - together with the dancers, the choreographer and the animation - will try to move in on with the help of the puppets and their universe.


"KROPPEN by Bådteatret is not to be missed. In Danish theater director Rolf Heim breathes life in puppets, so well it the viewer hot dreams and distorted nightmares. For Rolf Heim is the guardian of the subconscious. He lets any bodily illusion appear as a scenic delusion."
- Information, Anne Middelboe Christensen

"KROPPEN is a magical picture parade."
- Weekendavisen, Majbrit Hjelmsbo

"If you want to be entertained, provoked and shaken a little in your science-based foundation, KROPPEN is a great place to start."
- Ugeskrift for Læger, Lene Agersnap (medical journal)

6 stars -

5 stars - Den 4. Væg

5 stars - Kulturkongen

4 stars - Out And About

4 stars - Frederiksborg Amts Avis

4 stars- Gregers DH

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