Kids is a tribute to death. The choreography explores how a beloved body transforms in the final days of life. The three performers on stage dance to the voice recordings of Kuan-Hsiang and his mother during her chemo therapy. Expect to take a deep dive into a rite with freakish, twisted and self-mockery movements, yet in a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Presented as a part of Aerowaves' new exchange with Taiwan Dance Platform (selected from 2016 Taiwan Dance Platform).

In partnership with National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.


Kuan Hsiang Liu

As an independent choreographer, Kuan-Hsiang Liu has been nominated for Taishin Arts Award, one of the most prestige art award in Taiwan, in four consecutive years: for his first solo Hero (2014), Void (2014, collaborating with Taipei Chamber Singers), Wild Never Exist (2015) , and Kids (2016).

His other works including creations for Taipei Poetry Festival (2016), and the duet piece Birthday co-created with HORSE Dance Theatre. In 2017, his new work Karma is commissioned by Cloud Gate Dance Foundation. He had won The Best Choreographer in Golden Dance Award and the second place in 4th Myfone Literature Award