A part of The GENDERhouse Festival.

Dream Face Experiments
-Let your DreamSoulFace do the dancing
Age limit: from 15 years
Date: 07, 15, 21 September
Time: 7th September (19.30-21.30), 15th + 21 September (21.00-23.00)

A space where the unexpressed and the unexpected can unfold. You will create a mask of your DreamSoulFace and wear it through the exploration. You will be guided into the space, into the exploration.

You are invited to let the DreamSoulFace move you, exploring in zones with titles like:

- Silent Fingers Meeting
- The Bear has Lost its Calm
- Secret surrender
- Restless Wandering
- Scents of Deeper Dreams

Tools for expression can be:
- moving
- meeting
- talking
- writing
- drawing
- sounding

You chose zones and timing yourself, moving freely around.
Doubts or fears: contact the Guardian Dreamer, who will always be around.
Masks and elements for creating your DreamSoulFace are available at the site.