IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The ticket is only valid for one performance (either Christmas Show or COLOURS). If you want to see both performance you will have to buy tickets for both.

Programme with to different performances:

Friday December 7th, 17.30: Christmas Show
Friday December 7th, 19.30: BA Performance  COLOURS 2018 (BA Performance)

Saturday, December 8th, 16.00: Christmas Show
Saturday, December 8th, 18.00: COLOURS 2018 (BA Performance)


Christmas Show
The participating children/young dancer are pupils at the Ballet Akademiet. We have put together a performance with excerpts from among other things, The Nutcracker. Furthermore we have examples from different the genres of dance that the school offers. The Ballet Akademiet is looking forward to make this event a recurring christmas tradition.

COLOURS is a full-spectrum of today’s young that reflects groupe pressure. Do they dare to be themselves and how does other people influence them? Do they dare to show their true colors in any given situation? The work gives the young dancers opportunity to paint their individual portrait of their lives and choices, with endless motion, actions and desires to express their inner voices.

COLOUR is a contemporary dance performance made in collaboration with the 14 dancers on stage.

Simon Beyer-Pedersen

Melinda Varró
Yuko Shiroto
Ruta Jurgevica
Nina Rezaei
Sonia Miks
Frida Billeskov Olese
Augusta Isaksen
Alberte Ingemann Berentzen
Frederikke Erichsen
Rebekka Matzen
Sophia Eivindson
Ida Kjærsgaard Grene
Sophie Baasch
Juli U Mikkelsen