The GENDERhouse Festival (GHF)

The GENDERhouse Festival takes Aarhus by storm this September and brings you a month-long arts festival that address’s themes of genders, sexualities and identities today. We ask what’s queer? Is it here? Are we used to it? The programme features performances by HimHerAndIt Productions as well as Lucy McCormick (UK), Travis Alabanza (UK) and Hilde Sandvold (DK) and others. Also experience seminars, workshops and the exhibitions Talking GENDERS Youth and Talking GENDERS Senior. We encourage audiences from all genders, sexualities and diverse identities to engage in our festivals content. So take a deep breath, knock on The GENDERhouse door and come join the fun.

The GENDERhouse festival is produced by Himherandit Productions and co-produced by Bora Bora – dance and visual theater.

Read more at www.thegenderhousefestival.com.

Festival discount - 60 DKK per ticket

Buy 5 tickets or more and get a discount = only 60 DKK per performance. This offer is valid for the performances presented at Bora Bora and Godsbanens Åbne Scene / Open Stage.

Go to Billetten.dk and do the following:
Click the English flag for language. Choose the category "Festivalpris" and the amount of tickets you want to buy of this performance and put them in your shopping basket. Then click "Front Page" at the top and choose at least four more performances and the same amount of tickets as the first chosen performance. Only when a minimum 5 festival tickets for 5 different performances has been chosen (in the same amount) you are then allowed to pay and check out.


Selected video trailers


Dans, For Satan


Tripple Threat

The GENDERhouse Festival (GHF)
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The GENDERhouse Festival (GHF)
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