PEEPS takes place at Skt. Knuds Torv by Aarhus Food Market – every day from August 28th to September 2nd 2017 from 14.00-18.00. ENTRANCE IS FREE.

Chronic loneliness has the same health hazards as smoking.

“PEEPS” is a clarion call about the loneliness that comes and affects us in many different shapes. Here you can look into 5 intimate spaces filled with embarrassing feelings like emptiness, lack and desperation. Here there is the focus on all the lives that are lived hidden – in the absence of being seen, in the absence of belonging, in the absence of social cohesion.

Life played out in the dangerous and poisonous cocktail, which is the anatomy of loneliness.

This unpleasant taboo is also the center of dadadans’ next performance “EN SOM HED”. A single man’s circus with five physical monologues and even more angles on being involuntary alone. Premiere at Bora Bora on October 10, 2017.

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