Black Box Dance Company presents a dance performance about validation and the eternal search of being seen.

What happens if you don’t get any “likes”? If you don’t have a profile on Facebook or an Instagram account – do you exist at all?

100 Likes focusses on the vulnerability of young people, addiction to social media use and the eternal search of being seen. Mari Carrasco creates a choreographic world full of speed, energy, humor and ironi – all about and with young people.

The concept is created in collaboration with Marie Brolin-Tani, the artistic manager of Black Box Dance Company and Black Box Theatre.

Performers: Katya R. D. Nielsen, David Price, Antoine Audras Elysse, Sophie Høeg, Jade Stenhuijs and Annika Krusensten.

Choreographer: Marie Brolin-Tani
Choreographer: Mari Carrasco

Time: April 2nd at 20.00

Ages: From 14 years. Duration: 60 min.

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