Get some food for thought while you eat your lunch: Join the 30 mins. kick-off conversation on Contextualizing Dance online.

Monday August 24th 13.00 – 13.30 CET


This Digital Conversation between the two dramaturgs Jeppe H. Nissen and Thomas Schaupp, the two curators of „Contextualizing Dance“, moderated by cultural journalist Monna Dithmer, will be the first kick off event after the first analog symposium in December last year.

The conversation will address the structural conflict between independent scene and institutional support, (re)presentation, and in/ter/dependencies that all too often hinder a free and eye-to-eye discussion between the free scene and the institutions.

With “Contextualizing Dance”, the Bora Bora Residency Centre, together with the dance dramaturg Thomas Schaupp, is initiating a series of seminars and digital events based on the question of how the independent dance art and cultural institutions are constantly facing the ongoing challenge of generating a broad audience and making a decisive contribution to the development of the socio-cultural/political significance of dance in society.

Through diverse approaches, we want to examine how contextualization actually is interpreted and implemented in all areas of artistic creation, from conception and rehearsal to performance. How do we, whether from the artists’ side or from the institutional side, practically involve the audience in our practice? Can we formulate, share and try out together concrete methodological approaches towards these questions?

The structural conflict became apparent during the first analog seminar in December last year. So, how do the two curators, one working freelance and within the independent scene, and the other, employed and in an institution, address the conflict in their own work? Where do they meet and what moves them to address the topic of „Contextualizing Dance“ together?

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