Det århusianske kompagni Himherandit Productions, der producerer på Bora Bora, søger LGBTQIA+ seniorer til nyt projekt.

Opslag på engelsk herunder:


CALL OUT: Recruiting LGBTQIA+ Seniors for making of new Art Installation

Himherandit Productions are recruiting Senior LGBTQIA+ Individuals (ages: 60+) to participate in the making of a new art work: A filmic video installation titled Talking GENDERS. For this installation we seek 7 diverse representations of female, male, gender fluid, androgynous, non-binary, trans identities. The seven participants will take part in an artistic process with the artists and engage in individual filming of personalized video portraits. Each of these individual video portraits will combine together into a large-scale seven screen video installation, that will be premiered as part of The GENDERhouse Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, September 2018.

Who can apply and what does it involve:
Participants from all diverse gender and sexual backgrounds who are 60+ are invited to apply. Participants need to feel confident with nudity or partial nudity as the video portraits will create a beautiful visual representation of diverse body identities for the camera. The nude aspect of the filmic portraits will present “real” bodies in beautiful microscopic detail, revealing their skin, hairs and flesh as personal storyboards. This installation aims to empower diversity by offering the viewer visceral visual representations of bodies as landscapes. There is no sexual content involved in the installations and the nude form focuses on positive representation of diverse bodies, genders and sexualities within senior communities today.

Today’s media is mostly dominated with one polarized and standardized body image, which is “the young and athletic, sexualised and photo-shopped binary male and female body”. These common representations dominate the public domain and can stifle diverse representation. The Talking GENDERS installation aims at moving beyond the lens of hetero-normative by celebrating diverse senior bodies and identities as a mode of inclusive representation.

Who are the artists:
This installation is a collaborative project led by four international art makers from combined fields. The artist are: Andreas Constantinou (Choreographer and Queer performance artist), Dagmara Bilon (Performance and Visual artist), Christoffer Brenke (Film artist) and Jeppe Corht (Technician and Installation artist).

Being part of this project will offer the opportunity to be part of an innovative and daring visual art work that promotes diversity and solidarity for LGBTQIA+ Senior identities today.

As part of the process participants will engage in a creative workshop and a day of individual filming. For more information or to express interest in being involved in the project send an email to: [email protected]

About the workshop:
The creative workshop is free and is a chance to meet the artists and to get familiarised with what the artistic process will include if joining for the filming of the installation. The workshop has enough space for 20 participants. The workshop will include some performance tasks in which participants will express themselves through talking, moving and story telling. The workshop will be lead by international artists: Dagmara Bilon and Andreas Constantinou. From this workshop 7 participants will be selected to join the making of the Talking GENDERS installation.

Workshop: Tuesday 16th January 2018, Brobjergskolen, Stub 4, time: 14-16 .

Filming: The first filming sessions for these portraits begin at Bora Bora – dans og visual teater between the 17th-19th January in Aarhus, Denmark.

To express interest in being one of the subjects involved for a video portrait as part of the installation please send email to [email protected]

About Himherandit Productions
Himherandit is a performance company based in Aarhus, Denmark and are in house artists at Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater.

The company was formed in 2003 and is led by artistic director Andreas Constantinou. To date the companies performances and installations have toured heavily through out Europe and have received international praise from audiences and critics. Himherandit have received two awards by The Danish Arts Foundation’s Scholarship Committee for their contribution towards stage art through Denmark, where listed two years in a row as one of Europe’s most exciting emerging performance companies by Aerowaves international platform and most recently were nominated for a Reumert Award in the category of best dance performances in Denmark of 2017.