Bora Bora vil gerne takke publikum, kunstnere og samarbejdspartnere for en veloverstået Junge Hunde ID Festival 2012, der på alle måder var større end nogensinde.

Det var en festival med et spændende og alsidigt program med hele 53 arrangementer, fordelt på 21 danseforestillinger, performances, film, installationer, kunst- værker og projekter.

Publikumstallet oversteg sidste års festival betragteligt, og vi havde i år besøg af over 1.300 publikummer. Dertil kommer et stort antal tilskuere til de gratis film, installationer og særarrangementer på Godsbanen.

Se billeder fra årets festival.

Junge Hunde ID Festival var en festival med fokus på møder, udveksling og netværk. Et af festivalens vigtigste formål er at skabe nye muligheder og en platform for udvikling og visning af nye, upcoming scenekunsttalenter i Europa. Derfor havde vi en række debatter, feedback sessions og møder mellem publikum, kunstnere og inviterede repræsentanter for festivaler og kulturinstitutioner fra Europa. Læs nedenfor hvad to af de medvirkende kunstnere har fået ud af at deltage på festivalen.

Inga Maren Runarsdottir, Culture Comp., Island
We where very happy to be selected to perform at Junge Hunde festival 2012, especially as we knew the competition was very hard. We stayed for a week at the festival and everyday we saw a new performance. All of them where so different, both dance and theater, video and installations, and music of course. There where also discussions that we participated in so the schedule was very diverse. Although, this might sound over whelming the planning was done in the way that everyone had a time to go and see the town of Aarhus as well, and of course meet at the local bar in the evenings where we would share a drink or two over nice conversations. That was the good thing about staying for more than only our show, that we actually had the time to go and meet people outside of work, see other performances and explore the city. It was great.

With the networking we got to know about new places where we can apply for grants and residencies in order to continue our work. We also think it is a certain recognition for us to have been selected to perform our piece at Junge Hunde and that it will help us in our next steps in travelling with our work in the Nordic countries and further, hopefully.

We met a lot of people, some that we will definitely stay in contact with in the future, and possibly work with.

Emma Zangs, Marquez&Zangs, France/GB
“Junge Hunde 2012 was five days of pure happiness. The festival was very well managed by lovely and passionate people. It felt very smooth as we did not have to worry about anything else other than performing. As young artists, it was extremely beneficial to meet and talk to other artists, as well as seeing other pieces and feeling as part of the same event. The feedback from our audience is something we pay attention to and we experienced a privileged and helpful relationship. If only all festivals could have such good production!”