Call for artists: Residency in Aarhus January 21st – February 4th, 2013

Application deadline: October 26th 2012.

Bora Bora – dance and visual theatre, Denmark, invites a group of performers/dancers and
other professional artists to have an “artist-in-residence” stay at our dance venue in Aarhus,
January 21st-February 4th 2013.
A group of professional performance, dance or theatre artists will be given the chance to use
one of our stages at Bora Bora – dance and visual theatre to do any project or investigation of
their own choice. Preferably the residency will be used as a part of a rehearsal period for a
The group must exist of up to 5 professional dancers /performers / other artists, and the project
must be specifically described and planned.

We offer
– Rehearsal space for fourteen days (a stage of 14×10 meters not incl. audience space).
– Travel expenses and accommodation paid.
– Catering or small per diems.
– Technical support and dramaturgical assistance.
– Possibility to cooperate with our research lab.(
– Help with coordination to work with partners from Aarhus and the region for cooperation
and inspirational meetings.

Specific requirements
– Artists from all DNA-partner countries are welcome to apply
Czech Republique and Hungary).
(Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania,
– All artists must be professionals.
– Once chosen the group must make a thorough description of the project’s
intention/criteria for success and make a report after ended residency.
– The group must be willing to interact with artists, cultural institutions and the local
community as part of the residency.
– The residency must be open to giving a workshop and to have a public
presentation/work-in-progress at the end of the residency.
– Applicants must have a specific artistic purpose with the residency, and this must be
formulated to Bora Bora in the application.
– Additional funding must be considered, since the residency only covers a part of

Application deadline: October 26th 2011.

How to apply:
Please fill out the form at our website:
All applications must contain:
– Application form, filled out.
– Project description incl. reasons for applying (max. two pages).
– Curriculum vitae for participants
– General budget of the production, including financial plan.

For further information please contact Jeppe H. Nissen: [email protected]

The residency is part of the European network project DNA continuum 2011-2013
which is funded by the European Commission.